Who We Are

Ric holds a Graduate Degree in Criminal Justice and retired in 2005 after serving 23+ years in the United States Air Force. His military career focused on leading, directing, and protecting in various capacities. It was his honor to serve as First Sergeant of 8 squadrons, and this experience led to his appointment as AWACS Command Chief. It was Ric’s responsibility as the two-star General’s Chief Advisor to advise on how to serve and protect the 3100 soldiers under their charge. He assessed factors that influenced combat readiness, force protection, and prepared troops for wartime scenarios and defensive fighting positions to safeguard a forward operating base.

Despite retirement, he remained driven to serve and protect. In 2006, the doors to Hooah Security Services LLC were opened. Hooah Security is a veteran-owned and operated security guard and training company situated in Tennessee. We provide armed and unarmed security guards, security patrol, and security guard training certification courses.

Hooah Security Services LLC is Tennessee’s best security company, offering our clients innovative protection solutions delivered by highly trained personnel. We are devoted to providing our clients and their employees with the highest levels of customer service while focusing on preventing and reducing crime, enforcing rules and laws, and caring for our clients and their customers.

Ric is a Tennessee State Certified Instructor, and our officers are State Certified and/or trained in several areas.

  • Security Guard Training
  • Dallas Law
  • CPR and basic first aid
  • Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Strategies for Controlling and Restraining Aggressive Individuals
  • Strategies for Managing Physical Confrontations
  • Active Shooter